About Us

Blueline Academy is a cross between a game design school and a spiritual school.

We have been using video games (as well as board games and every other kind of game we could get our grubby* little mitts on) since the 1960s as transformational tools.

The Blueline Academy has a substantial international enrollment of everyone from doctors to dog walkers, and chiefs to chemists. Hence, our participants possess a broad spectrum of aptitude and ability. A high level of geekitude is not required to join in the fun. Interest, attention, a sense of humor, and a bit of will are more useful in this particular adventure.

While it may be true that we are not actively soliciting new students, we most definitely welcome anyone (and everyone) that shares our interest in the use of gaming as a transformation tool. For us this is a labor of love, not an income stream. Hence, we don't have any reason to snooker, hoodwink, cajole, seduce, or trick (i.e. market) anyone into joining up -- there's no money incentive to push us into pushing you.

We all have day jobs and/or night jobs. This was an intentional decision made by us over thirty years ago. The best way to keep accountants out of the driver's seat is to keep money out of the equation. If you care to notice, it's pretty obvious that cold-hearted, bottom-line motivated accountants are behind many of the totally whack decisions that many gaming companies are forced to make. Hey, the accountants are helping to run a company responsible to investors and a legion of employees. So we don't begrudge them their decisions or why they make them the way they do.

We're just happy (knock on wood) that for the moment we are in a position that we can afford to do what we love with people we care about to accomplish goals we believe to be important.

If you're interested, let us know. We can talk further about what this is all about.

Note: Actually none of us wear mitts. We do use gloves for gardening and the like. But, not mitts or mittons. And, we do tend to keep our hands clean. So I guess grubby isn't quite appropriate. But it did sound good in my head when I typed it.